"I do perceive an unchangeable basic attitude, a constant concern that runs through all my works".


Some of Gerhard Richter's Glass & Mirrors

 Richter began to use glass in his work in 1967, when he made 4 Panes of Glass."Glas Symbol (alles sehen nichts begreifen, to see everything to understand nothing)", Richter wrote in 1966 on the edge of one of the sketches limning 4 Glasscheiben. In 2002, for the Dia Art Foundation, Richter created a glass sculpture in which seven parallel panes of glass refract light and the world beyond, offering altered visions of the exhibition space.

7 Standing Panes/7 stehende Scheiben, 2002, 234 cm X 167 cm X 336 cm, Glass and steel construction


Pane of Glass/Glasscheibe, 2002 200 cm X 140 cm, Antelio glass



Mirror, Grey/Spiegel, grau, 1991, 280 cm X 165 cm, colour-coated glass


Corner Mirror, Green-Red/Eckspiegel, grün-rot, 1991, 225 cm X 100 cm, colour-coated glass